Tom is a highly professional and dedicated Personal Trainer, who is challenging when needed, patient and encouraging in equal measure. Exactly what I needed as a mature lady returning to training after a long period. He has made me realise how important my fitness is, and that it is ok to put myself first occasionally.

Alice, ★★★★★

Tom is an incredibly inventive, encouraging, and knowledgeable personal trainer. I came to Tom with the goal to get in 'the best shape of my life.' Having been a former University Soccer Player, Tom and I both knew that goal was quite lofty. Whilst working with Tom he found ways to keep me working harder and smarter, and continued to keep me challenged. His workouts combined both cardiovascular conditioning and weight lifting that ultimately reduced my body fat percentage to that of an elite athlete. I can honestly say that Tom not only got me in the best shape of my life, but he gave me the tools to continue a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.

Laura, ★★★★★

Tom has been my personal trainer for about 6 months. During that time, he has helped me to achieve amazing results in improvement of my fitness and strength. Tom is enthusiastic about exercise and knows how to develop a training program that is not only challenging but also surprisingly enjoyable. I highly recommend Tom.

Joe, ★★★★★

I would HIGHLY recommend Tom as a personal trainer. Throughout my time with him, not only has he created workouts that fit my needs and abilities, but he's been an emotional support as well. Changing your fitness regime is more than just diet and exercise, and Tom has helped me through all the trials and tribulations that go hand-in-hand with changing bad habits. When I started training, my back was constantly holding me back from being able to workout normally as I kept getting injured and was unable to function after any intense training. After learning how to move in a way that strengthened my back instead of causing it to flare-up, I'm now able to do things I haven't done in years. For anyone who is looking for not just a personal trainer, but someone who actually cares about you as an individual - give Tom a call NOW because you definitely won't regret it!

Maria, ★★★★★

.I cannot recommend Tom highly enough as a personal trainer. He is highly intuitive and adapts his programmes accordingly for each client ensuring the best possible results. I have benefitted greatly from his in-depth knowledge of nutrition and the human anatomy, and most importantly have seen excellent results. Tom is also very personable, patient and supportive which makes training so much easier!

Christine, ★★★★★